Research Staff


Christina Thomas-Virnig, PhD

Director of DOVS Translational Research

(608) 265-3483

Inna V. Larsen

Multi-Functional Research Administrator, Vision Core & T32 Administrator

(608) 265-2572

Vaqar Adhami, PhD

Multi-Functional Research Administrator

(608) 263-3901


Mihai Mititelu, MD, MPH

Associate Professor, Clinical Eye Research Unit Medical Director

Jennie R. Perry-Raymond

Clinical Eye Research Unit Administrator

(608) 265-4659

Angie M. Adler

Study Coordinator and Regulatory Specialist

(608) 265-7557

Kelly Boyd

CERU Study Coordinator

(608) 265-4589

Darla Coullard

Study Coordinator, ERG specialist

Christopher M. Smith

Study Coordinator and Photographer

(608) 263-7169

Bonnie Verges

Research Technician and Photographer

(608) 265-5292


Barbara A. Blodi, MD

Matthew D. Davis Professor, Wisconsin Reading Center Medical Director

Amitha Domalpally, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Wisconsin Reading Center Research Director

Michael M. Altaweel, MD

Professor, Vitreoretinal Surgery Fellowship Director

Chris Hodges

Director of Operations, Wisconsin Reading Center

James Allan

Senior Information Processing Consultant

(608) 265-0037

Wendy K. Benz

Senior Research Specialist

(608) 262-8377

Kristi L. Dohm

Senior Research Specialist

(608) 410-0560

Vonnie V. Gama

IS Resource Sup Tec E

(608) 265-9881

Cynthia Hurtenbach

Senior Research Specialist

(608) 262-4706

Tiffany K. Jan

Senior Research Specialist

(608) 265-1652

Srishti Kothari

Ocular Disease Evaluator

Rachel Linderman

Ocular Disease Evaluator

Stacy Meuer

Distinguished Researcher Emeritus, Ocular Disease Evaluator

Jeong Won Pak

Research Program Manager I

(608) 265-4830

Susan B. Reed

Research Program Manager I

(608) 265-1133

James L. Reimers

Senior Outreach Specialist, Senior Research Specialist

(608) 262-3154

Ruth A. Shaw

Senior Research Specialist

(608) 410-0645

Abdirahman Siad

Senior Research Specialist

Karon M. Szyszkiewicz

Administrative Specialist - Retina

(608) 262-1334

Corinna Taut

Associate Research Specialist

Pamela J. Vargo

Senior Outreach Specialist

(608) 263-5347

Jesse Ward

Ocular Disease Evaluator

Sheila Watson

Senior Research Specialist

(608) 265-3236

Mary Wilda

Senior Research Specialist

(608) 262-1334


Please visit the individual laboratory websites to view the current University of Wisconsin Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences basic science staff.

DOVS Laboratories


Stacy Meuer

Distinguished Researcher Emeritus, Ocular Disease Evaluator

Michael Neider

Distinguished Researcher Emeritus