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2017 Annual Report

News // Jan 31 2017

Transforming Vision

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences has experienced an era of unprecedented change in health care policy and regulation, advances in multidisciplinary research, and necessary pedagogical evolution to provide unparalleled learning experiences to tomorrow’s leaders in vision care and discovery. We are growing, and the department is burgeoning. All of this is in large part due to the steadfast commitment in the mission, journey and success of the people and their good work in this department.

In the pages of the 2017 Annual report you will read stories of determination, impactful discovery, and hope, including these following examples:

  • Our ophthalmology resident education team developed an innovative cataract surgery wet lab protocol that has leap-frogged over standard technologies of learning.
  • Our “Resident Mom” piece underscores our core ethos of “It takes a village,” and of how we are supportive of each other and stronger when working together.
  • Our researchers and clinicians are world-renowned and work doggedly to not only define eye disorders, but also to determine creative ways to cure them using the latest molecular genetics techniques, stem cell technologies, repurposing of FDA-approved medications and innovative treatment protocols. The story of both discovering a new causative gene and developing a treatment of a rare retinal dystrophy that renders young babies blind- a condition called Leber congenital amaurosis- is heartwarming and inspiring.
  • A patient shares her story of courage and resolve after her sudden vision loss, the struggle for answers, the special expertise and commitment of our Neuro-ophthalmology and Low Vision providers, and the found community and peace emanating from that journey.
  • Another patient story describes how transformative and empowering it was to receive spectacles for the first time as a young child. Our Pediatric Optometrist recognized this need, and prescribed more than just corrective glasses.

To learn more about our 2017 Annual Report and the transformative mission we hold, visit the full report here.