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Equal Right to Sight

International // News // Mar 12 2018

On March 8th – International Women’s Day – Seva Canada announced the Equal Right to Sight initiative, a new campaign that focuses on equal access to eye care for women and girls.

In 1999, Seva Canada’s research discovered that two-thirds of the world’s blind are women and girls. The charitable organization subsequently focused on becoming a leader in increasing gender equity in eye care.

In developing countries, women and girls are far less likely to have access to eye care services. Challenges can include a lack of education and financial resources, limited decision-making power within the household, and cultural restrictions on travel. Seva Canda works to overcome these barriers through community education, eye health screenings, transportation arrangements and partnerships with women’s groups.

Seva Canada notes that not only is gender equity an ethical imperative, but also the treatment of these eye conditions that affect women is particularly important to the social and economic health of entire communities. The organization currently works in Burundi, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Francophone West Africa, Guatemala, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, Tanzania, and Tibet.

To learn more about Seva Canada and the Equal Right to Sight initiative, visit seva.ca.

SOURCE: Seva Canada