Dr. Parsa Visits India Partners

DIO sponsors Dr. Cameron Parsa’s visit to partners, LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India and Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Institute, New Delhi, India.

“I had never before seen such efficacious triaging of patients.  The doctors at the primary institution represent the “best of the best” having all, in addition, received top-flight fellowship training in the United States before coming back to practice in this pathology-rich, and highly academic environment.  As part of the hospital charter, fully half of all patients are seen pro bono, with all their costs subsidized by the other half of seen patients who pay modest fees.  After spending three weeks there, primarily with pediatric ophthalmologist Ramesh Kekunnaya, my impression was that of working with U.S. trained physicians within a European-model tertiary care level hospital, with a Cuban-style level of accessibility from the rural village referral and triage network, very simply a combination of the best elements of global medicine. With on site guest rooms and boarding provided next to dormitory accommodations for 40 fellows-in-training just below a 24-hour full ophthalmological library and floors of research laboratories, and with top-flight daily morning lectures and presentations, I could not imagine more hospitable accommodations, or a more energizing academic environment.” – Parsa