Cornea, External Disease and Refractive Surgery Fellowship


The Fellow assists the preceptors in surgery at University of Wisconsin Hospital, American Family Children’s Hospital, Madison Surgery Center, The Laser Center, and NovaMed Surgery Center. Pre- and post-operative patient evaluation occurs largely during sessions at the University Station External/Cornea Clinics. External/Cornea (refractive) clinic responsibilities involve evaluation of patients, surgical alternatives, pre- and post-operative care, and complications and their management. The fellowship additionally offers training in all aspects of immunologic eye diseases to include the medical and surgical treatment of uveitis, scleritis, and use of immodulatory therapy.

Additional experience in administrative and technical aspects of eye banking, external photography skills including specular microscopy and corneal topographic analysis, complicated contact lens fitting, external ophthalmic pathology, ocular inflammatory disease, and independent clinical or basic science research including scientific paper presentation and manuscript submission will be available.

The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin, which provides corneal tissue for the entire state of Wisconsin, is centered in Madison. Dr. Evan Warner serves as Medical Director of the eye bank and is on the Accreditation Board of the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA). The cornea fellow may choose to attend the quarterly meetings of the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin Board of Directors. Additionally the fellow may elect to work in the eye bank and gain expertise in the understanding of the coordination of recovery tissue, processing of tissue for transplantation, and the conditions necessary for distribution of tissue.

The Fellow is actively involved in resident teaching in preparation for academic endeavors following completion of the Fellowship. The Fellow gives a number of lectures to the residents and staff including one yearly Grand Rounds presentations and participates in one weekend surgical resident teaching session of phacoemulsification techniques. Certification achieved in the use of the VISX laser and Femtosecond laser at the annual department sponsored Iowa Refractive Course (IRC).

Attendance at various conferences is encouraged including Grand Rounds, Weekly Case Conference, Cornea specific Basic Science Lectures (BSL), Complications Conference, Journal Clubs and Visiting Lecture Series.



2021-2022 Fellow, Rebekah Huffman, DO shares her UW experience:

2020-2021 Fellow, Meisha Raven, DO, shares her UW experience:


2019-2020 Fellow, Kyla Aschenbeck, MD, shares her UW experience:


2018-2019 Fellow, Paul Selid, MD, shares his UW experience:


Director: Sarah M. Nehls, MD
Parent Department or Academic Unit: University of Wisconsin Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Address: External Eye Disease and Cornea

2870 University Avenue, Suite 206

Madison, WI 53705-3611

Telephone: (608) 263-6429
Preceptor(s) Names(s): Sarah M. Nehls, MD

Evan J. Warner, MD

Christopher Croasdale, MD

Christopher J. Murphy, DVM

Primary Clinical Training Site: University Station Clinics

2880 University Avenue

Madison, WI 53705-3631

Length of Fellowship: 1 Year
Numbers of positions/year: 1
Starting Date: July 1
Application Deadline: September 1
Actively Involved in Resident Education: Yes
Research Required: Yes – Clinical
Block Time assigned to Research: Yes








Sarah M. Nehls, MD

Professor, Cornea and Anterior Segment Service Chief

Julia Shatten, MD

Cornea, External Disease, Refractive Surgery Fellow


  • Peter A. Rapoza, MD – 1987
  • Joseph Feder, MD – 1990
  • Steven M. Shields, MD – 1991
  • Robert Brass, MD – 1995
  • Bernadita Navarro, MD – 1995
  • Catherine H. Lee, MD – 1996
  • John C. Shin, MD – 1997
  • David Gwynn, MD – 1998
  • Samir G. Farah, MD – 1999
  • Monali Sakhalkar, MD – 2000
  • Michael Hall, MD – 2001
  • Jason Wang, MD – 2002
  • Rachel Tesser, MD – 2003
  • Eamon Leung, MD – 2004
  • Jay Mehta, MD – 2005
  • Colleen Grace, MD – 2008
  • Ganesh Rau, MD – 2009
  • Michael Eide, MD – 2010
  • Jocelyn Rowe, MD – 2011
  • Amir A. Azari, MD – 2012
  • Gabriel S. Schaab, MD – 2013
  • Travis C. Rumery, DO – 2014
  • Evan Warner, MD – 2015
  • Noah Saipe, MD – 2016
  • Brandon Metcalf, MD – 2017
  • Susie Drake, MD – 2018
  • Paul Selid, MD – 2019
  • Kyla Aschenbeck, MD – 2020
  • Meisha Raven, DO – 2021
  • Rebekah Huffman, DO – 2022

For more information about the fellowship program, please contact:

Hannah Baker, MA

Senior Graduate Medical Education (GME) Program Manager

(608) 263-4157

Cornea Fellow Clinic and Hospital Locations