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We invite you to learn more about the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Ocular Pathology Fellowship and gain an understanding of what our fellows do, what they love about our program (and city) and take with them well into the future. We pride ourselves on our leadership and scholarship, both by striving for clinical and academic excellence and by helping develop future leaders in our specialty. Our Ophthalmology Alumni Association fosters our sense of community across the globe – whether gathering at an annual meeting, or working together to teach tomorrow’s leaders.

Zackery Oakey, Md, a recent fellow, shares his uw experience


Learn more about the fellowship from dr. heather a.d. potter

UW-Madison Ocular Pathology Fellowship Team

Heather Potter, MD

Professor, Ophthalmic Pathology Service Chief


  • Lab was established in 1925 by F.A. Davis, then directed for many years by Daniel Albert. It is the only dedicated eye pathology laboratory in Wisconsin
  • We evaluate specimens received from ophthalmologists within Wisconsin and from across the United States
  • Approximate volume of 700 cases/year. Specimen types include: whole globes, orbit, eyelid, nasolacrimal system, conjunctiva, cornea, and intraocular contents
  • Fellow evaluates all specimens, including gross dissection and microscopic examination. Formal readout sessions with attending ophthalmic pathologist, plus residents, medical students, and other fellows occur twice per week



  • Many opportunities to participate in either basic science research or histopathologic studies reviewing the substantial library of former cases seen by the laboratory
  • Examples include:
    • Immunological Profiling of Sebaceous Carcinoma
    • Endocrine Mucin-Producing Sweat Gland Tumor—a multi-center analysis
    • Recurrence of Periocular Tumors after Mohs Surgery
    • Given the many unique specimens seen by our service, there is also many opportunities for case reports and photo submissions




  • Participate in fellow-led cornea rounds
  • Opportunities to attend and present at pathologist night out (monthly)
  • Opportunity to attend ophthalmology, surgical pathology, hematopathology and dermatology resident lecture series
  • Opportunity to attend Bi-monthly Comparative Ocular Pathology Rounds at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine


Pathology-led publications

PubMed Publication
30454717 Ocular Metastasis of Cutaneous BRAF Wild-Type Melanoma.

Chandana Papudesu, Shilpa G Reddy, Heather D Potter


29344477 Is There an Increased Prevalence of Asteroid Hyalosis in Eyes with Uveal Melanoma? A Histopathologic Study.

Christopher K H Burris, Amir A Azari, Mozhgan R Kanavi, Richard R Dubielzig, Vivian Lee, Justin L Gottlieb, Heather D Potter, Kyungmann Kim, Meisha L Raven, Maria E Rodriguez, Devasis N Reddy, Dani…


29053048 Neurofibromatosis type 1: A neuro-psycho-cutaneous syndrome?

Christopher K H Burris, Michael A Stier, Shahriar Salamat, Shari Thomas, Simone Lauderdale, Meisha L Raven, Maria E Rodriguez, Devasis N Reddy, Heather D Potter, Daniel M Albert


27772649 Scleritis with Devastating Consequences.

Meisha L Raven, Christopher K H Burris, Heather D Potter


27549880 Corneal Leukoma with Features of Both Sclerocornea and Peter’s Anomaly.

Meisha L Raven, Maria E Rodriguez, Heather D Potter


27487727 A Conjunctival Melanoma Causing Bloody Tears.

Maria E Rodriguez, Christopher K Burris, Courtney Y Kauh, Heather D Potter


27450820 Scleral Necrosis Simulating Recurrent Uveal Melanoma after Plaque Brachytherapy.

Christopher K H Burris, Maria E Rodriguez, Heather D Potter


27342326 Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION) in Polymyalgia Rheumatica.

Maria E Rodriguez, Christopher K Burris, Heather D Potter


27107356 Ectopic Lacrimal Gland Underlying a Caruncular Nevus.

Meisha L Raven, Jennifer C Larson, Heather D Potter


27012698 Traumatic Loss of a Healed Corneal Button.

Jennifer C Larson, Meisha L Raven, Heather D Potter


26950474 Bilateral Primary Mucinous Carcinoma of the Eyelid.

Christopher K H Burris, Meisha L Raven, Maria E Rodriguez, Heather D Potter, Mark J Lucarelli, Daniel M Albert


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    The laboratory evaluates specimens received not only from ophthalmologists within the state of Wisconsin but also from across the United States including California, Texas, New Mexico, and New Jersey. Our approximate volume is about 700 cases per year. Specimen types include: whole globes, orbit, eyelid, nasolacrimal system, conjunctiva, cornea, and intraocular contents.



Ocular Pathology Fellowship Consultants

  • Dr. B. Jack Longley
  • Dr. Dan Bennett
  • Dr. Molly Hinshaw
  • Dr. Catherine Leigh
  • Dr. Erik Ranheim
  • Dr. Erica Reinig
  • Dr. Darya Buehler
  • Dr. Tom Warner
  • Dr. Robert Corliss
  • Dr. Mike Stier


Michele Kempfer

Interim Executive Assistant to the Chair & Administrative Support Supervisor


(608) 262-9092

Hannah Baker, MA

Senior Graduate Medical Education (GME) Program Manager


(608) 263-4157