Pilot mfERG in glaucoma patients sponsored by FA Davis

Active Clinical Trials // Feb 14 2017

sponsored by FA Davis

Pilot Study to Assess the Results of Multifocal Electroretinography (mfERG) and Multifocal Visual Evoked Potentials (mfVEP) in Patients with Glaucoma

Principal Investigator: Yao Liu

Coordinator: Ann Tran

Project Summary

The purpose of this project is to conduct a pilot study to determine whether there is a correlation between two recent objective tests of visual function and differing severities of glaucoma. The use of multifocal electroretinography (mfERG) and multifocal visual evoked potentials (mfVEP) has not been FDA approved for evaluating glaucoma patients, but has been approved for patients with retina and neuro-ophthalmological conditions. In some small preliminary studies, mfERG and mfVEP have each been suggested to have a higher sensitivity and specificity compared to automated visual field testing for glaucoma detection. However, there has been no study that has compared mfERG to mfVEP results. We will compare the results of mfERG and mfVEP in patients with varying stages of glaucoma. Standard, well-established measurements of the optic nerve head and visual field testing, as evaluated by a glaucoma specialist, will serve as a gold standard for establishing the diagnosis and severity of glaucoma. This pilot study would evaluate a spectrum of glaucoma patients who may benefit from these new tests for earlier detection and assessment for progression of their disease.

Inclusion Criteria

– Adults age 18 and above able to provide informed consent to participate

– Diagnosis of glaucoma suspects, early-moderate or severe glaucoma

– History of reliable visual field testing (within 6 months) and high-quality optic nerve imaging – fundus photography and optical coherence tomography (within 1 year)

Please contact the study coordinator with questions: Ann Tran 608-335-7080