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Alumni from the UW-Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences are carrying our mission to save sight around the globe through their research, teaching and passionate patient care. Our residents, fellows, researchers and volunteers embody The Wisconsin Idea and we celebrate their many accomplishments here and in their careers.

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Joshua Vrabec

Alumni Directory
Alumni Directory

Daniel W. Knoch

Director Medical Student Education, Associate Professor

Alumni Directory
Alumni Directory

Cat N. Burkat

Professor, ASOPRS Fellowship Faculty, Co-Chair International Ophthalmology Committee

Alumni Directory

Peter W. Holm

Alumni Directory

Robert V. Castrovinci

Alumni Directory

Marcus Marcet

Alumni Directory
Alumni Directory

Heather A. D. Potter

Associate Professor

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Donny Reeves

Alumni Directory

Bennett S Romanoff

Alumni Directory

Richard K. Dortzbach

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Wanda M. Martinez

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Alumni Directory

Justin L. Gottlieb


Alumni Directory

Our Alumni

Aazy Aaby

Aazy Aaby

Daniel J. Acheson, PhD

Daniel J. Acheson

Swati Agarwal, MD

Swati Agarwal

Visar Ajeti, PhD

Visar Ajeti

Radeekorn Akkarawongsa

Radeekorn Akkarawongsa

Claron Alldredge, MD

Claron Alldredge

James C. Allen, MD

James C. Allen
Michael M. Altaweel, MD

Michael M. Altaweel, MD

Professor; Co-Director of the Fundus Photograph Reading Center

Michael M. Altaweel

Sharon E. Altmann

Sharon E. Altmann

Ishmael G. Amarreh, PhD

Ishmael G. Amarreh

C. Joseph Anderson, MD

C. Joseph Anderson

Richard Angrist, MD

Richard Angrist
Richard E. Appen, MD

Richard E. Appen, MD

Professor Emeritus

Richard E. Appen

Duva J. Appleman, MD

Duva J. Appleman

Jessica K. Athens, PhD

Jessica K. Athens

Robert Avery, MS, PhD

Robert Avery

Amir A. Azari, MD

Amir A. Azari

Allison E. Babiuch, MD

Allison E. Babiuch

Amy Badger-Asaravala, MD

Amy Badger-Asaravala

Mark H. Barak, MD

Mark H. Barak

Michael Barondes, MD

Michael Barondes

Peter James Barry, MD

Peter James Barry

Richard F. Baske, MD

Richard F. Baske

Kenneth A. Batko, MD

Kenneth A. Batko

Kenneth Baum, MD

Kenneth Baum

Denys A. Beauvais, MD

Denys A. Beauvais

Robert T. Bechtel, MD

Robert T. Bechtel

Nancy Benegas, MD

Nancy Benegas

H. Jane Blackman, MD

H. Jane Blackman

Robert P. Blau, MD

Robert P. Blau
Paul Boeke, MD

Paul Boeke, MD

Alumni, Retina Fellow 2017


Paul Boeke

John E. Bokosky, MD

John E. Bokosky

G. Andrew Boush, MD

G. Andrew Boush
Randy Christopher Bowen, MD

Randy Christopher Bowen, MD

Resident, Class of 2019

Randy Christopher Bowen

Matt Boyer, MD

Matt Boyer

Robert Brass, MD

Robert Brass

Frederick S. Brightbill, MD

Frederick S. Brightbill

Eric P. Brinton, MD

Eric P. Brinton

John R. Brooks, MD

John R. Brooks

Paul Bruer, MD

Paul Bruer

Richard Bryan, MD

Richard Bryan

Paul Bryar, MD

Paul Bryar

Ksenija Bujanovic, PhD

Ksenija Bujanovic

Jeremy Van Buren, MD, PhD

Jeremy Van Buren
Cat N. Burkat, MD, FACS

Cat N. Burkat, MD, FACS

Professor, ASOPRS Fellowship Faculty, Co-Chair International Ophthalmology Committee

Cat N. Burkat

Charlotte A. Burns, MD

Charlotte A. Burns

Christopher K. Burris, MD

Christopher K. Burris

Roy T. Butera, MD

Roy T. Butera

U. Füsun Cardakli, MD

U. Füsun Cardakli

John D. Carew, PhD

John D. Carew

Cynthia M. Carlsson, MS

Cynthia M. Carlsson

Robert V. Castrovinci, MD

Robert V. Castrovinci

Yi Chai, PhD

Yi Chai

Pik Sha Chan, MD

Pik Sha Chan

Timothy S. Chang, PhD

Timothy S. Chang

Debanjana Chatterjee, PhD

Debanjana Chatterjee

Klio Chatzistefanou, MD

Klio Chatzistefanou

Robert Chestler, MD

Robert Chestler

Rosan Choi, MD

Rosan Choi

Edward Chow, MD

Edward Chow

Neil Chungfat, MD

Neil Chungfat

Erwin G. Clahassey, MD

Erwin G. Clahassey

Randall S. Condit, MD

Randall S. Condit

James R. Conforto, MD

James R. Conforto

Briggs Cook, MD

Briggs Cook

L. Todd Cook, MD

L. Todd Cook

George B. Corcoran, MD

George B. Corcoran

Dietmar Cordes, PhD

Dietmar Cordes

Patricia A. Cosgrove, MD

Patricia A. Cosgrove

Thomas Cowden, MD

Thomas Cowden

Ean Crennel, MD

Ean Crennel

Christopher Croasdale, MD

Christopher Croasdale

Gregory J. Czaplewski, MS

Gregory J. Czaplewski

Timothy Daley, MD

Timothy Daley

Stuart R. Dankner, MD

Stuart R. Dankner

Roger C. David, MD

Roger C. David

J. David Davidson, MD

J. David Davidson

Frederick J. Davis, MD

Frederick J. Davis

George E. Davis, MD

George E. Davis
Matthew D. Davis, MD

Matthew D. Davis, MD

Professor Emeritus; Founder of the Fundus Photograph Reading Center


Matthew D. Davis

Daniel Dawson, MD

Daniel Dawson

Peter Debry, MD

Peter Debry

Maryanna Destro, MD

Maryanna Destro

Anthony DeVincentis, MD

Anthony DeVincentis

Terri A. Dimaio, PhD

Terri A. Dimaio

Drew Dixon, MD

Drew Dixon

Arthur Dorf, MD

Arthur Dorf

Richard K. Dortzbach, MD

Richard K. Dortzbach

John W. Doty, MD

John W. Doty

C. Thomas Dow, MD

C. Thomas Dow

Lilun Du, PhD

Lilun Du

Stephen S. Dudley, MD

Stephen S. Dudley

James Dummett, MD

James Dummett

James A. Eadie, MD

James A. Eadie

Lorri Effron, MD

Lorri Effron

James Egbert, MD

James Egbert

Alan A. Ehrhardt, MD

Alan A. Ehrhardt

Michael K. Eide, MD

Michael K. Eide

Saad El-Naggar, MD

Saad El-Naggar

Victor M. Elner, MD, PhD

Victor M. Elner

Stephen M. Emrich, Post-doc

Stephen M. Emrich

Samir G. Farah, MD

Samir G. Farah

Jennifer A. Faralli, PhD

Jennifer A. Faralli

Joseph Feder, MD

Joseph Feder

Irene Fedorovich, MD

Irene Fedorovich

Joseph G. Feghali, MD

Joseph G. Feghali

Michael Feifarek, MD

Michael Feifarek

Marni Feldmann, MD

Marni Feldmann

Bruce R. Fishburn, MD

Bruce R. Fishburn

William Foord, MD

William Foord

Peter S. Foote, MD

Peter S. Foote

Nicholas J. Frame, MD

Nicholas J. Frame

Lars Freisberg, MD

Lars Freisberg

Yao Fu, PhD

Yao Fu

Randall L. Funderburk, MD

Randall L. Funderburk

Thomas G. Furgason, MD

Thomas G. Furgason
David M. Gamm, MD, PhD

David M. Gamm, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Emmett A. Humble Distinguished Director of the McPherson Eye Research Institute

David M. Gamm

Sapna Gangaputra, MD

Sapna Gangaputra

Roberta E. Gausas, MD

Roberta E. Gausas

John Geanon, MD

John Geanon

Alireza Ghaffarieh, MD

Alireza Ghaffarieh

Shahed Ghoghawala, MD

Shahed Ghoghawala

Dalia Girgis, MD, PhD

Dalia Girgis

Joel Gleiser, MD

Joel Gleiser

Earl G. Gloeckner, MD

Earl G. Gloeckner

Julius Gomolin, MD

Julius Gomolin

Russell Gonnering, MD

Russell Gonnering

Jose M. Gonzalez, PhD

Jose M. Gonzalez

Colleen Grace, MD

Colleen Grace

Gregory Griepentrog, MD

Gregory Griepentrog

Sarah A. Groessl, MD

Sarah A. Groessl

Richard Grostern, MD

Richard Grostern

David E. Grosz, MD

David E. Grosz

Xiaoxiao Gu, PhD

Xiaoxiao Gu

Yelena Guller, PhD

Yelena Guller

Jonathan Gunther, MD

Jonathan Gunther

Xiao Guo, PhD

Xiao Guo

Vicki J. Gutgesell, MD

Vicki J. Gutgesell

David R. Gwynn, MD

David R. Gwynn

Patrick J. Halbach, MS

Patrick J. Halbach

Gunnsteinn Hall

Gunnsteinn Hall

Michael A. Hall, MD

Michael A. Hall

Massihulah Hamidi, MS, PhD

Massihulah Hamidi

Sheryl Handler, MD

Sheryl Handler

Beth Handwerger, MD

Beth Handwerger

Dorrie M. Happ, MD

Dorrie M. Happ

Edward Hargis, MD

Edward Hargis

David G. Harper, MD

David G. Harper

Gilbert W. Harris, MD

Gilbert W. Harris

James A. Harris, MD

James A. Harris

W. Andrew Harris, MD

W. Andrew Harris

Devin A. Harrison, MD

Devin A. Harrison

Gary A. Haug, MD

Gary A. Haug

Michael J. Hawes, MD

Michael J. Hawes
Gregg A. Heatley, MD, MMM

Gregg A. Heatley, MD, MMM

Associate Professor

Gregg A. Heatley

Charles Hejny, MD

Charles Hejny

Andrew Hendrick, MD

Andrew Hendrick

John G. Heredia, PhD

John G. Heredia

Orin A. Hermundstad, MD

Orin A. Hermundstad

Patric J. Hernandez, PhD

Patric J. Hernandez

Hugo Higa, MD

Hugo Higa

Clifford D. Hogenson, MD

Clifford D. Hogenson

Richard J. Holden, PhD

Richard J. Holden

Peter W. Holm, MD

Peter W. Holm

James A. Holzberger, MD

James A. Holzberger

Brian Horsman, MD

Brian Horsman

Peter Hovland, MD, PhD

Peter Hovland

Janet Howard, MD

Janet Howard

Yujie Hu, MS

Yujie Hu

Erwin Hultsch, MD

Erwin Hultsch

Elizabeth B. Hutchinson, PhD

Elizabeth B. Hutchinson

Clare F. Hutson, MD

Clare F. Hutson

Frank S. Hwang, MD

Frank S. Hwang

Walter E. Bundy III, MD

Walter E. Bundy III

Megumi Iizuka, MD

Megumi Iizuka

Pascal Imesch, MD

Pascal Imesch

Bridget T. Jacques-Fricke, PhD

Bridget T. Jacques-Fricke

Talor J. Jaraczewski, MS

Talor J. Jaraczewski

Heidi Jarecki, MD

Heidi Jarecki

Pimkwan Jaru-ampornpan, MD

Pimkwan Jaru-ampornpan

Paul Jeppsen, MD

Paul Jeppsen

Karla J. Johns, MD

Karla J. Johns

Britt A. Johnson, PhD

Britt A. Johnson

David Johnson, MD

David Johnson

Elmer Johnson, MD

Elmer Johnson

Gilbert G. Jose

Gilbert G. Jose

Erich Groos Jr, MD

Erich Groos Jr

Harrison N. Bowes Jr, MD

Harrison N. Bowes Jr

Jerome G. Kadell, MD

Jerome G. Kadell

Alon Kahana, MD, PhD

Alon Kahana

Sara Kaltreider, MD

Sara Kaltreider

George Kambara, MD

George Kambara

Mozhgan Rezaei Kanavi, MD

Mozhgan Rezaei Kanavi

Albert V. Kanner, MD

Albert V. Kanner

Sheldon Kaplan, MD

Sheldon Kaplan

David W. Karp, MD

David W. Karp
Courtney Kauh, MD, MS

Courtney Kauh, MD, MS

Alumni, Ophthalmic Facial Plastic Surgery Fellow 2017


Courtney Kauh

Sharolyn V. Kawahami-Schulz

Sharolyn V. Kawahami-Schulz

Patrick C. Kerstein, PhD

Patrick C. Kerstein

Sherif Khedr, MD

Sherif Khedr

Carol M. Kiekhaefer, PhD

Carol M. Kiekhaefer

Don O. Kikkawa, MD

Don O. Kikkawa

David Kim, MD

David Kim
Han Kim, MD

Han Kim, MD

Former Resident

(608) 265-8060

Han Kim

John S. Kim, MD

John S. Kim

Nancy Kim, MD, PhD

Nancy Kim
Barbara E. K. Klein, MD, MPH

Barbara E. K. Klein, MD, MPH


Barbara E. K. Klein

Dara Koozekanani, MD, PhD

Dara Koozekanani

Stephen E. Kraft, MD

Stephen E. Kraft

Nisha Krishan-Dave, MD

Nisha Krishan-Dave
Roman Krivochenitser, MD

Roman Krivochenitser, MD

Resident, Class of 2018

Roman Krivochenitser

Jan W. Kronish, MD

Jan W. Kronish

Christopher J. Kucharski, MD

Christopher J. Kucharski

Amol D. Kulkarni, MD

Amol D. Kulkarni

Dwight R. Kulwin, MD

Dwight R. Kulwin

Amit Kumar, MD

Amit Kumar

Bornali Kundu, MD, PhD

Bornali Kundu

Stephen J. Laczniak, MS

Stephen J. Laczniak

Stuart Landay, MD

Stuart Landay
Suzanne W. van Landingham, MD

Suzanne W. van Landingham, MD

Assistant Professor

Suzanne W. van Landingham

Ronald H. Lange, MD

Ronald H. Lange

Alexander Laperle, PhD

Alexander Laperle

Tara L. LaRowe, PhD

Tara L. LaRowe

Christine L. Larsen, MD

Christine L. Larsen
Jennifer C. Larson, MD

Jennifer C. Larson, MD

Assistant Professor

Jennifer C. Larson

Christopher Larson, MD

Christopher Larson

Jacques Lasudry, MD

Jacques Lasudry

Jeremy Lavine, MD

Jeremy Lavine

Tamara J. Lecaire, PhD

Tamara J. Lecaire

Catherine H. Lee, MD

Catherine H. Lee

David K. Lee, MD

David K. Lee

James H. Lee, MD, PhD

James H. Lee

Min-Young Lee, PhD

Min-Young Lee

Sung K. Lee, PhD

Sung K. Lee

Vivian Lee, MD

Vivian Lee
Bradley N. Lemke, MD

Bradley N. Lemke, MD

Private Practice, Clinical Adjunct Faculty, ASOPRS Fellowship Faculty

Bradley N. Lemke

Nicholas Leonardy, MD

Nicholas Leonardy

Eamon Leung, MD

Eamon Leung

Erin Leverentz


Erin Leverentz

Lawrence M. Levine, MD

Lawrence M. Levine

Robert M. Levy, MD

Robert M. Levy

David Lewis, MD

David Lewis

Jarrod A. Lewis, PhD

Jarrod A. Lewis

Richard Lewis, MD

Richard Lewis

Curtis M. Libby, MD

Curtis M. Libby

Richard M. Lipman, MD

Richard M. Lipman

Boaz Lissauer, MD

Boaz Lissauer

John H. Lodge, MD

John H. Lodge

James W. Long, MD

James W. Long

Neil J. Lucchese, MD

Neil J. Lucchese

David Luellwitz, MD

David Luellwitz

Ashley Lundin, MD

Ashley Lundin

David Lyon, MD

David Lyon

Benjamin E. Lyons, MD

Benjamin E. Lyons

Gary S. Mackman, MD

Gary S. Mackman

Scott M. MacRae, MD

Scott M. MacRae

James M. Magnusen, MD

James M. Magnusen

Edward P. Mann, MD

Edward P. Mann

Marcus Marcet, MD

Marcus Marcet

Wayne F. March, MD

Wayne F. March

Andreas Marcotty, MD

Andreas Marcotty

David Marshall, MD

David Marshall
Jacob Martin, MD

Jacob Martin, MD

Alumni, Ocular Pathology Fellow 2017

Jacob Martin

Wanda M. Martinez, MD, PhD

Wanda M. Martinez

Benjamin Mathew, MD

Benjamin Mathew
Nathan Mathews, MD

Nathan Mathews, MD

Chief Resident, Class of 2019

Nathan Mathews

Maureen McBride, MD

Maureen McBride

David McCann, MD

David McCann

Peter J. McCanna, MD

Peter J. McCanna

Chloe M. McCoy, PhD

Chloe M. McCoy

Mark L. McDermott, MD

Mark L. McDermott

James F. McDonnell, MD

James F. McDonnell

John J. McGetrick, MD

John J. McGetrick

Rachel D. McKinsey, PhD

Rachel D. McKinsey

Shauna McKusker, MD

Shauna McKusker

Alan B. McMillan, PhD

Alan B. McMillan

Alice R. McPherson, MD

Alumni, Resident 1958

Alice R. McPherson

Ashish M. Mehta, MD

Ashish M. Mehta

Jay Mehta, MD

Jay Mehta

Niyati R. Mehta, PhD

Niyati R. Mehta

William Meisekothen, MD

William Meisekothen

Toufic S. Melki, MD

Toufic S. Melki

Manuel Mendoza, MD

Manuel Mendoza

Oksana Mensheha, MD

Oksana Mensheha

Stephen Merriam, MD

Stephen Merriam
Brandon Metcalf, MD, MPH

Brandon Metcalf, MD, MPH

Alumni, Cornea Fellow 2017

Brandon Metcalf

Mark Meyer, MD

Mark Meyer

Sanford M. Meyers, MD

Sanford M. Meyers

John C. Michael, MD

John C. Michael
Aleksandra Michalik, DO

Aleksandra Michalik, DO

Alumni, Glaucoma Fellow 2017

Aleksandra Michalik

Joel A. Miller, MD

Joel A. Miller

Richard A. Miller, MD

Richard A. Miller

Steven A. Miller, MD

Steven A. Miller

Myung-Soon Moon, PhD

Myung-Soon Moon

Shawn D. Moorehead, MS

Shawn D. Moorehead

V. Vinod Mootha, MD

V. Vinod Mootha

Parham Morgan, MD

Parham Morgan

Rebecca Morgan, MD

Rebecca Morgan

Stephen A. Moss, MD

Stephen A. Moss

Mansoor Movaghar, MD

Mansoor Movaghar

Ross A. Mueller, MD

Ross A. Mueller

Michael Mulhern, MD

Michael Mulhern

Paul B. Mullaney, MD

Paul B. Mullaney

Todd Murdock, MD

Todd Murdock

Jonathan P. Myers, PhD

Jonathan P. Myers

Scott D. Nash, PhD

Scott D. Nash

Bernadita Navarro, MD

Bernadita Navarro

Aneesh Neekhra, MD

Aneesh Neekhra

Earl W. Nepple, MD

Earl W. Nepple

Steven W. Newell, MD

Steven W. Newell

Catherine Newton, MD

Catherine Newton

Juan Carlos Nieto, MD

Juan Carlos Nieto
T. Michael Nork, MD, MS, FARVO

T. Michael Nork, MD, MS, FARVO


T. Michael Nork

Amanda K. Nosie

Amanda K. Nosie

Milton E. Nugent, MD

Milton E. Nugent

Monica Nuyens, MD

Monica Nuyens

Molly K. Nyholm, PhD

Molly K. Nyholm

Roy Olarn, MD

Roy Olarn

Jessica Oliver, MD

Jessica Oliver

George Oosterhous, MD

George Oosterhous

Mary Jo Oyen, MD

Mary Jo Oyen

Tammy L. Palenski, PhD

Tammy L. Palenski

Brett Pariseau, MD

Brett Pariseau

Sunyoung Park, PhD

Sunyoung Park

Achyut Patel, MD

Achyut Patel

Cajal Patel, MD

Cajal Patel

Sarit Patel, MD

Sarit Patel

Heather R. Pelzel, PhD

Heather R. Pelzel

Rob Peralta, MD

Rob Peralta

Samantha Perea, MD

Samantha Perea

Donald Peterson, MD

Donald Peterson

Paul O. Phelps, MD

Paul O. Phelps

Michael Pingree, MD

Michael Pingree

Ricardo A. Pizarro, PhD

Ricardo A. Pizarro

Ronald Plotnik, MD

Ronald Plotnik

Laura S. Plummer, MD

Laura S. Plummer
Heather A. D. Potter, MD

Heather A. D. Potter, MD

Associate Professor

Heather A. D. Potter

Rexxi D. Prasasya, MS

Rexxi D. Prasasya

Mary V. Pratt, MD

Mary V. Pratt

Jay G. Prensky, MD

Jay G. Prensky

Mark W. Preslan, MD

Mark W. Preslan

Mark E. Promersberger, MD

Mark E. Promersberger

Tracy L. Puccinelli, PhD

Tracy L. Puccinelli

Eric M. Pueschel, PhD

Eric M. Pueschel

Catherine Qui, MD

Catherine Qui

Milton Radewan, MD

Milton Radewan

Irene Rae, PhD

Irene Rae

Nicholas A Ramey, MD

Nicholas A Ramey

Alfred D. De Ramus, MD

Alfred D. De Ramus

Prethy Rao, MD

Prethy Rao

Rajesh C. Rao, MD

Rajesh C. Rao

Peter Rapoza, MD

Peter Rapoza

Ganesh Rau, MD

Ganesh Rau
Devasis ‘Dave’ Reddy, MD

Devasis ‘Dave’ Reddy, MD

Alumni, Ocular Pathology Fellow 2017

Devasis ‘Dave’ Reddy
Shilpa G. Reddy, MD

Shilpa G. Reddy, MD

Assistant Professor

Shilpa G. Reddy

Matthew Reed, MD

Matthew Reed

Donny Reeves, MD

Donny Reeves

William M. Reiff, MD

William M. Reiff
Alexander Ringeisen, MD

Alexander Ringeisen, MD

Former Resident

Alexander Ringeisen

Charlene Rivera, PhD

Charlene Rivera

James C. Robinson, MD

James C. Robinson

Estuardo Robles, PhD

Estuardo Robles

Karien J. Rodriguez, PhD

Karien J. Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez, MD

Maria Rodriguez

Bennett S Romanoff, MD

Bennett S Romanoff
John G. Rose, MD

John G. Rose, MD

Private Practice, Clinical Adjunct Faculty, ASOPRS Fellowship Faculty

John G. Rose

Sophia M. Schussler-Fiorenza Rose, PhD

Sophia M. Schussler-Fiorenza Rose

Erica E Rosenbaum, PhD

Erica E Rosenbaum

Harry Roth, MD

Harry Roth

Jocelyn Rowe, MD

Jocelyn Rowe

Michael S. Ruddat, MD

Michael S. Ruddat

Amaliris Ruiz, PhD

Amaliris Ruiz

Travis C. Rumery, DO

Travis C. Rumery

Bryan K. Rutledge, MD

Bryan K. Rutledge

Robert A. Rymer, MD

Robert A. Rymer

Judith R. Sabah, MD, PhD

Judith R. Sabah

Sina John Sabet, MD

Sina John Sabet

Noah Benjamin Saipe, MD

Noah Benjamin Saipe

Monali Sakhalkar, MD

Monali Sakhalkar

Nicholas A. Sanek, PhD

Nicholas A. Sanek

Miguel Santiago-Medina, PhD

Miguel Santiago-Medina

Antonio Sarabia, MD

Antonio Sarabia

Patrick P. Sassani, MD

Patrick P. Sassani

Allison Sauppe, PhD

Allison Sauppe

Gabriel S. Schaab, MD

Gabriel S. Schaab

Carl F. Schmidt, MD

Carl F. Schmidt

Joseph Schmutz, MD

Joseph Schmutz

Elizabeth Schroeder, MS

Elizabeth Schroeder

Kurt Schwiesow, MD

Kurt Schwiesow

Marie K. Schwinn, PhD

Marie K. Schwinn

David R. Segrest, MD

David R. Segrest

William Seibold, MD

William Seibold

G. Chandra Sekhar, MD

G. Chandra Sekhar
Paul Selid, MD

Paul Selid, MD

Cornea Fellow

Paul Selid

Sheila J. Semaan, PhD

Sheila J. Semaan

Linda Brenner Semela, MD

Linda Brenner Semela

Alexander J. Shackman, PhD

Alexander J. Shackman

Neha Shah, MD

Neha Shah

Shaival L. Shah, MD

Shaival L. Shah

James S. Shapiro, MD

James S. Shapiro

Michael B. Shapiro, MD

Michael B. Shapiro

Wei Shen, PhD

Wei Shen

Deborah D. Sherman, MD

Deborah D. Sherman

Robert L. Shields, MD

Robert L. Shields

Eui Seok Shin, PhD

Eui Seok Shin

John C. Shin, MD

John C. Shin

Joseph Shovlin, MD

Joseph Shovlin

Agileo Sibayan, MD

Agileo Sibayan

Bryan S. Sires, MD, PhD

Bryan S. Sires

Jonathan M. Skarie, MD, PhD

Jonathan M. Skarie

Gregory L. Skuta, MD

Gregory L. Skuta

Janine Smith, MD

Janine Smith

Barbara Smythe, MD

Barbara Smythe

Stuart P. Sondheimer, MD

Stuart P. Sondheimer
Christopher Spearman, MD

Christopher Spearman, MD

Resident, Class of 2019

Christopher Spearman

William Eric Sponsel, MD

William Eric Sponsel

Stephen J. Sramek, MD, PhD

Stephen J. Sramek

D. Heath Stacey, MD

D. Heath Stacey

Gregory A. Stainer, MD

Gregory A. Stainer

George Stasior, MD

George Stasior

Anna L. Steele, MD

Anna L. Steele

Eric A. Steffen, MD

Eric A. Steffen

Ralph W. Stevens, MD

Ralph W. Stevens

David E. Stinchcomb, MD

David E. Stinchcomb

Jonathan D. Stone, MS

Jonathan D. Stone

Samuel A. Strickland, MD

Samuel A. Strickland

Thomas I. Strinden, MD

Thomas I. Strinden

Rodney J. Sturm, MD

Rodney J. Sturm

Krishna Surapaneni, MD

Krishna Surapaneni

Francis Sutula, MD

Francis Sutula

Nasreen A. Syed, MD

Nasreen A. Syed

Daniel J Szafir, PhD

Daniel J Szafir

Daniel Taglia, MD, JD

Daniel Taglia

Chee Hian (James) Tan, MD, Phd

Chee Hian (James) Tan

Yixin Tang, PhD

Yixin Tang

Kristen Tarbet, MD

Kristen Tarbet

Jessica J. Teslaa, PhD

Jessica J. Teslaa

Rachel Tesser, MD

Rachel Tesser

Jeremy R. Teuton, PhD

Jeremy R. Teuton
Andrew T. Thliveris, MD, PhD

Andrew T. Thliveris, MD, PhD

Vice Chair of Resident Education; Residency Director; Professor

Andrew T. Thliveris

Matthew Thompson, MD

Matthew Thompson

Bradley A. Thuro, MD

Bradley A. Thuro

Dan Tian, PhD

Dan Tian

Kimberly A. Topps, PhD

Kimberly A. Topps

Elmer Y. Tu, MD

Elmer Y. Tu

Niles Utlaut, MD

Niles Utlaut

Gregory L. Vaughn, MD

Gregory L. Vaughn

Guillermo De Venecia, MD

Guillermo De Venecia

Angela M. Verdoni, PhD

Angela M. Verdoni

Michael L. Vilardo, MD

Michael L. Vilardo

Anthony L. Villanueva, MD

Anthony L. Villanueva

Kathy Vogel, MD

Kathy Vogel

Joshua Vrabec, MD

Joshua Vrabec

Michael P. Vrabec, MD

Michael P. Vrabec

Michael Wage, MD

Michael Wage

Paul F. Wagner, MD

Paul F. Wagner

Joseph W. Wahl, MD

Joseph W. Wahl

Prasad Walimbe, MD

Prasad Walimbe

Sonja Wamsley-Schluter, MD

Sonja Wamsley-Schluter
Angeline Wang, MD

Angeline Wang, MD

Former Resident

(608) 265-8060

Angeline Wang

Jason Wang, MD

Jason Wang

Leo Wang, MD

Leo Wang
Evan J. Warner, MD

Evan J. Warner, MD

Assistant Professor

Evan J. Warner

Robert C. Watzke, MD

Robert C. Watzke

Steve W. Weber, MD

Steve W. Weber

Leslie A. Wei, MD

Leslie A. Wei

Gerard Van Wesep, MD

Gerard Van Wesep

Stephen A. Wexler, MD

Stephen A. Wexler

Jeffrey Whitehead, MD

Jeffrey Whitehead

Margarete A. Wichmann, PhD

Margarete A. Wichmann

Joseph C. Wildenberg, PhD

Joseph C. Wildenberg

Craig Wilkerson, MD

Craig Wilkerson

John M. Wilson, MD

John M. Wilson

Robin S. Wilson, MD

Robin S. Wilson

Steve Witkin, MD

Steve Witkin

Suzanne T. Witt, PhD

Suzanne T. Witt

Stephanie Woo, PhD

Stephanie Woo

John Woog, MD

John Woog

Jiale Xu, PhD

Jiale Xu

Xinjie Xu, PhD

Xinjie Xu

Justin Yamanuha, MD

Justin Yamanuha

Idella F. Yamben, PhD

Idella F. Yamben

Levon Yazujian, MD

Levon Yazujian

Peter N. Youssef, MD

Peter N. Youssef

John C. Zeiss, MD

John C. Zeiss

Xuefeng Zeng, PhD

Xuefeng Zeng

Weihai Zhan, PhD

Weihai Zhan

Yun Zhao, PhD

Yun Zhao

Wenjun Zhong, MS

Wenjun Zhong