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Leading research

A multidisciplinary approach to discovery

The Department considers basic science and clinical research as a fundamental pillar of its academic mission and boasts interdisciplinary research programs ranging from translational and epidemiological studies to molecular, cellular, biochemical and genetic analyses of the visual system from the ocular surface to vision centers in the brain. Approximately one-half of our faculty members are actively engaged in research, evenly divided between basic research and epidemiological, or clinical research. These faculty members are supported by more than 150 other staff.

The research interests of faculty are diverse and include cellular and molecular immunology of the cornea and conjunctiva including virology of Herpes infections, trabecular meshwork cell biology and the pharmacology of outflow facility, RPE and retinal ganglion cell dysfunction in age-related disease, the genetics of retinal degeneration, epidemiology, nutritional biochemistry and human molecular genetics of age-related eye diseases, ocular oncology, ocular gene therapy, and human retinal development.

As one of the leading research institutions in the country, our basic science and clinical researchers are proud to make impactful sight-saving discoveries through collaboration and innovation.