Eye Muscle Problems in Children and Adults: A Guide to Understanding

By Burton Kushner, MD, Professor Emeritus

Young patient with bearNow there is an easy-to-read, patient friendly, and authoritative book to help parents and patients understand all they need to know about eye muscle problems and amblyopia (lazy eye) that can occur in children and adults. This entertaining book is structured so that it can either be read in its entirety, or the reader can limit their reading a specific condition or problem. For every topic, basic information that is necessary for understanding a subject is labeled separately from advanced material, which may just be of interest to readers that want to delve deeper into a subject. This book has been translated into 4 languages and is available worldwide because it contains information that can be trusted. The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is pleased to make this available to you as a free download.

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What Colleagues Have to Say About this Book

“I have been in practice for over 5 decades and wished all along that there would be a book that would adequately meet the needs of parents and patients. Dr. Kushner has done it! Many had hoped the Internet would meet this need. However for the parent or patient surfing the web for understandable information, there is often more nonsense than good-sense. Dr. Kushner’s international reputation in this field is well documented, and he has the unique ability to combine scientific knowledge with an uncanny ability to take difficult scientific problems and reduce them to easy and enjoyable reading for a wider audience. It is especially to be noted that he has earned the status of “The Great Communicator.” I, as well as the rest of his colleagues, who have ardently wished that one of us in this field would complete a book such as this, are deeply grateful to Dr. Kushner. We take a collective bow to him, and he in turn to his reading audience.”

— Arthur Jampolsky, MD, San Francisco, CA.

“Dr. Kushner is recognized internationally as an astute scientist, clinician, and teacher. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to explain complex material in a simple and straightforward manner, without the use of medical jargon. I truly believe Dr. Kushner is the best person in the field of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus to communicated medical information to patients and parents.”

— Arthur L. Rosenbaum, MD, Los Angeles, CA

“There is an enormous amount of good and bad information on the Internet. There is no referee, so to speak, of what appears there. I know that both the good and the bad co-exist side by side. There is an aphorism that says, “Poor information is worse than no information at all.” Dr. Kushner’s approach in this book is to provide solid information that is evidence based, carefully cultivated over a very successful career that spans more than 4 decades.”

— John T. Flynn, MD, New York, NY

About the Author

Dr. Kushner is an internationally known authority on the cause and treatment of amblyopia and strabismus (eye muscle problems and lazy eye). He has authored over 200 scientific articles that have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals as well as 41 textbook chapters, and has authored 5 textbooks on eye muscle problems. In addition, he has been invited to lecture in almost every state in the Union, and to every continent (except Antarctica). He has delivered 24 prestigious named lectures, all dealing with aspects of amblyopia and strabismus. Dr. Kushner has been a member of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) since 1975, for which he has served as Secretary for the Scientific Program. Also, he has served as Editor-in-Chief of the official scientific journal of that association, and was the Founding Editor of the Journal of AAPOS. He has also served on numerous editorial boards of scientific journals. Dr. Kushner has been the recipient of the Junior and Senior Honor Awards from both the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the AAPOS, respectively. In 1999 he was awarded the prestigious HEED Award, for distinguished lifetime achievement and 2005 received the Bressler Prize for distinguished work in his field. The ophthalmology residents in his department have recognized Dr. Kushner’s skills as an educator, and his ability to present complex material in an understandable manner, by repeatedly awarding him the Outstanding Teaching Award.

While introducing Dr. Kushner prior to his presentation of a named lecture in 2002 a colleague said:

“Dr. Kushner is one of the most respected authorities in the world in the field of strabismus. His contributions to our subspecialty have been prodigious and important. Not only have his ideas been instrumental in formulating the way all of us think about this field, but also he has a unique ability to make complex material seem simple and understandable.”