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Ophthalmology Residency Program

A Message from the Program Director:

The University of Wisconsin Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences is committed to excellence, integrity, and professionalism. Our three-year ophthalmology residency program is designed to help residents establish the knowledge and skills that become the necessary foundation for a lifetime of self-education. In addition to taking care of patients, developing strong surgical technique and pursuing research interests, our faculty strives to ensure that our residents reach their full potential as ophthalmologists.

Our resident education provides a breadth of experience beyond standard rotations: a monthly resident-run community clinic where underserved members receive free eye diagnoses and treatment; an elective international rotation to learn surgical techniques rarely performed in this country; a resident-developed lecture series and hands-on training curricula taught to other residents and medical students from other UW programs and departments; individual training sessions on state of the art Femtosecond and EyeSi equipment; annual PHACO and Oculoplastic surgical courses; two-week clinical and surgical experience in India; and the opportunity to contribute to leading edge research projects by working side-by-side with renowned researchers during their three years with us.

While the journey consists of many challenges, each graduate of our program will have also reaped immense rewards.

Andrew T. Thliveris, MD, PhD Signature
Andrew T. Thliveris, MD, PhD
Professor of Ophthalmology
Residency Program Directory
Vice Chair of Resident Education

Yasmin S. Bradfield, MD Signature
Yasmin S. Bradfield, MD
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
Associate Residency Program Director
Chair, Resident Selection Committee

For more information please contact:
Residency Coordinator:
Ruth Janto-Wolter
Room 200
2828 Marshall Ct
Madison, WI 53705-2276
Phn: (608) 263-5339
Fax: (608) 263-1466

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