Ocular alkali burns in a large urban area.

Kleins Lab // Publications // Oct 01 1976

PubMed ID: 984638

Author(s): Klein R, Lobes LA Jr. Ocular alkali burns in a large urban area. Ann Ophthalmol. 1976 Oct;8(10):1185-9.

Journal: Annals Of Ophthalmology, Volume 8, Issue 10, Oct 1976

A retrospective study of 63 ocular alkali burn victims revealed that black males in the 30 to 49 year age group were at highest risk, and that the burns were most commonly sustained via assault. One hundred eyes were involved, and in 38 cases there was bilateral involvement. There were 116 hospital admissions and 125 surgical procedures, yet 58% of the injured eyes had a final visual acuity of less than 20/200. Other demographic and socioeconomic factors were characterized to identify this event as a public health problem with well-defined risk factors and unsatisfactory treatment. Primary preventive measures are, therefore, necessary.