Sidewall-holed needle for anterior chamber infusion.

PubMed ID: 7219953

Author(s): Kaufman PL, Friske HH. Sidewall-holed needle for anterior chamber infusion. Ophthalmic Surg. 1981 Feb;12(2):108-9.

Journal: Ophthalmic Surgery, Volume 12, Issue 2, Feb 1981

A solid-tipped, sidewall-holed needle for anterior chamber infusion during intraocular surgery is described. The needle is passed through the corneal limbus and entirely across the periphery of the anterior chamber, so that the point emerges 2 to 3 clock hours from the entry site, with the sidewall hole centered in the chamber 1 to 1.5 clock hours from both entry and exit sites. There is no edge or point in the anterior chamber, the needle is firmly anchored to the eye at the two fixation points, the globe may be freely rotated, and the surgical field is unobstructed.