Basal cell epithelioma: an unusual case.

Daniel Albert // Publications // Dec 01 1981

PubMed ID: 7322465

Author(s): Resnick KI, Sadun A, Albert DM. Basal cell epithelioma: an unusual case. Ophthalmology. 1981 Dec;88(12):1182-5. PMID 7322465

Journal: Ophthalmology, Volume 88, Issue 12, Dec 1981

A 59-year-old Caucasian male presented with a darkly pigmented inner canthal tumor with a six-month history of rapid growth. Histopathologic examination demonstrated to be a pigmented basal cell epithelioma. While basal cell epitheliomas of the eyelids are common ophthalmic disorders, pigmented lesions are unusual. Pigmented basal cell epitheliomas pose a difficulty in clinical diagnosis because of their resemblance to melanomas and pigmented nevi. The differential diagnosis and treatment of this lesion is reviewed.