Osteosarcoma in a phthisical feline eye.

PubMed ID: 6573055

Author(s): Woog J, Albert DM, Gonder JR, Carpenter JJ. Osteosarcoma in a phthisical feline eye. Vet Pathol. 1983 Mar;20(2):209-14. PMID 6573055

Journal: Veterinary Pathology, Volume 20, Issue 2, Mar 1983

Eight years ago a cat sustained injury to the left globe and phthisis bulbi ensued. Two months prior to presentation, a firm intraorbital and periorbital mass developed and enucleation was done; histologic examination revealed osteogenic sarcoma. This is the first histologically documented report of osteosarcoma occurring in association with phthisis bulbi.