Correlation of visual function and retinal leukocyte velocity in glaucoma.

PubMed ID: 2297032

Author(s): Sponsel WE, DePaul KL, Kaufman PL. Correlation of visual function and retinal leukocyte velocity in glaucoma. Am J Ophthalmol. 1990 Jan 15;109(1):49-54. PMID 2297032

Journal: American Journal Of Ophthalmology, Volume 109, Issue 1, Jan 1990

Twelve subjects with glaucoma or ocular hypertension underwent measurement of visual fields (Humphrey perimeter and the Henson CFS2000 perimeter), contrast sensitivity (Vistech wall charts), and perimacular leukocyte velocity (Oculix BFS-1000 blue field entoptic technique). Significant positive correlations were seen between asymmetry of visual function and asymmetry of retinal leukocyte velocity in the study population. The eye with the higher velocity of retinal leukocyte flow tended to have better visual function as measured by Humphrey mean deviation (P less than .05), Henson Score (P less than .06), and Vistech contrast sensitivity score at 6 cycles/degree (P less than .001). An association of borderline significance was found between the asymmetries of intraocular pressure and retinal leukocyte velocity (P = .06). No significant intraocular pressure:visual field correlations were found on asymmetry analysis, although the inverse relationship between intraocular pressure and contrast sensitivity was significant (P less than .05). Significant correlations were obtained between visual field scores derived from the Henson data and Humphrey parameters mean deviation (P less than .001) and corrected pattern standard deviation (P less than .05) on both asymmetry and single eye analysis.