Oral contraceptives in women with diabetes.

Kleins Lab // Publications // Aug 01 1990

PubMed ID: 2209328

Author(s): Klein BE, Moss SE, Klein R. Oral contraceptives in women with diabetes. Diabetes Care. 1990 Aug;13(8):895-8. PMID 2209328

Journal: Diabetes Care, Volume 13, Issue 8, Aug 1990

We evaluated the association of oral contraceptive use with the presence and severity of diabetic retinopathy, hypertension, and glycosylated hemoglobin in women of childbearing age who have diabetes. Neither current or past use nor number of years of use of oral contraceptives was associated with severity of retinopathy, hypertension, or current glycosylated hemoglobin. In conclusion, further study of various birth control methods in young women of childbearing age should be considered.