Astrocytes support mast cell viability in vitro.

Leonard Levin // Publications // Feb 01 1992

PubMed ID: 1370670

Author(s): Seeldrayers PA, Levin LA, Johnson D. Astrocytes support mast cell viability in vitro. J Neuroimmunol. 1992 Feb;36(2-3):239-43. PMID 1370670

Journal: Journal Of Neuroimmunology, Volume 36, Issue 2 3, Feb 1992

Mast cells are normally found adjacent to blood vessels in the nervous system, and have been implicated in the development of inflammatory central nervous system (CNS) diseases such as experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. To further study mast cell-CNS interactions, we have developed a model in which viable rat peritoneal mast cells can be maintained in culture for up to 30 days on a monolayer of rat astrocytes. In this microenvironment, mast cells maintain their phenotype, morphology, and ability to degranulate in response to appropriate stimuli.