Evaluation of bovine fibrin sealant in the dog.

PubMed ID: 8398997

Author(s): Bouvy BM, Rosin E, Frishmeyer KJ, Dubielzig RR, Schultz RD. Evaluation of bovine fibrin sealant in the dog. J Invest Surg. 1993 May-Jun;6(3):241-50.

Journal: Journal Of Investigative Surgery : The Official Journal Of The Academy Of Surgical Research, Volume 6, Issue 3,

Fibrin sealant (human fibrinogen-bovine thrombin) is an effective biodegradable hemostatic agent. However, there is a risk of transmission of infectious viral disease. A new bovine fibrinogen-thrombin sealant (BFTS) was tested for tissue and immune responses in intrathoracic aorta graft in dogs. Intrathoracic aorta replacement was performed in three dogs with a porous Dacron graft presealed with BFTS. Dogs were immunized preoperatively with four dermal applications of BFTS at 9-day intervals. Cellular and humoral immunity to BFTS were determined with lymphocyte blastogenesis test and enzyme-lined immunosorbent assay, respectively. Dogs were necropsied 3 weeks after aortic replacement. Histopathological examination showed that all dogs had a mild inflammatory reaction to the BFTS sealed graft, as expected in response to an inert foreign body. Assay of cellular and humoral immunity to BFTS revealed a low lymphocyte response and a moderate immunoglobulin G (Ig G) response, with no evidence of immediate Ig E (type I) or delayed (type IV) hypersensitivity reaction. We conclude that BFTS causes no adverse tissue response or immunologic reaction when used as a hemostatic agent in the dog even after multiple applications of the material.