Paraneoplastic retinopathy associated with uterine sarcoma.

Marilyn Kay // Publications // Jul 01 1995

PubMed ID: 7789878

Author(s): Eltabbakh GH, Hoogerland DL, Kay MC. Paraneoplastic retinopathy associated with uterine sarcoma. Gynecol Oncol. 1995 Jul;58(1):120-3. Review.

Journal: Gynecologic Oncology, Volume 58, Issue 1, Jul 1995

We present the first reported case of cancer-associated retinopathy with uterine sarcoma. A 65-year-old woman presented in August 1990 with loss of vision, photophobia, and visual field restriction. Antiretinal antibodies were elevated. A diagnosis of cancer-associated retinopathy was made, the patient was started on prednisone, and a workup for malignancy was initiated. The patient was found to have uterine sarcoma. She underwent an extrafascial hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy followed by eight courses of chemotherapy (carboplatin and cyclophosphamide). After that, the patient’s vision improved, her visual field stabilized. She was doing well when last seen, in July 1994. The literature regarding cancer-associated retinopathy and paraneoplastic syndromes associated with gynecologic malignancies is reviewed.