Is neuroprotection a viable therapy for glaucoma?

PubMed ID: 10565524

Author(s): Weinreb RN, Levin LA. Is neuroprotection a viable therapy for glaucoma? Arch Ophthalmol. 1999 Nov;117(11):1540-4. Review. PMID 10565524

Journal: Archives Of Ophthalmology (Chicago, Ill. : 1960), Volume 117, Issue 11, Nov 1999

Treatment of glaucoma continues to be directed at lowering intraocular pressure to decrease the likelihood of disease progression. In the future intraocular pressure reduction might be augmented by other therapeutic approaches. Interest has been increasing in preventing progression of glaucomatous optic neuropathy using approaches based on the premise that glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disease. Neuroprotection of the glaucomatous optic nerve therefore would be an adjuctive therapeutic paradigm for use with conventional intraocular pressure-lowering treatments or by itself.