Multiple epulides in 13 cats.

Publications // Richard Dubielzig // Mar 01 2001

PubMed ID: 11280381

Author(s): Colgin LM, Schulman FY, Dubielzig RR. Multiple epulides in 13 cats. Vet Pathol. 2001 Mar;38(2):227-9. PMID 11280381

Journal: Veterinary Pathology, Volume 38, Issue 2, Mar 2001

Epulides account for 0-7.8% of tumors in surveys of feline oral neoplasms. A review of the literature revealed no reports of multiple epulides in cats. Multiple, concurrent epulides were diagnosed microscopically in 13 cats. Fibromatous and ossifying epulides were diagnosed in 11 of 13 cats and fibromatous epulides were diagnosed in 2 of 13 cats. Microscopically, these epulides were nonencapsulated, well-vascularized, infiltrative, highly cellular neoplasms that expanded the gingiva and were composed of haphazardly arranged, spindle-shaped to stellate cells amid a dense, collagenous stroma. Osseous foci were a feature in the fibromatous and ossifying epulides. The mitotic rate was low and there was marked hyperplasia of the overlying gingiva with a prominent downgrowth of epithelial cords. These tumors recurred in 8 of 13 cats following surgical excision. While uncommon, multiple epulides in cats have a high incidence of recurrence but do not appear to have metastatic potential.