A case of Peters’ anomaly in a springer spaniel.

Publications // Richard Dubielzig // Nov 01 2001

PubMed ID: 11798251

Author(s): Swanson HL, Dubielzig RR, Bentley E, Murphy CJ. A case of Peters’ anomaly in a springer spaniel. J Comp Pathol. 2001 Nov;125(4):326-30. PMID 11798251

Journal: Journal Of Comparative Pathology, Volume 125, Issue 4, Nov 2001

An 8-week-old springer spaniel presented with a large central corneal opacity of the left globe, which was accompanied by cords of tissue spanning from the iris collarette to the posterior cornea. A posterior cortical cataract was noted in the right eye. At the owner’s request the puppy was humanely destroyed, and a necropsy was performed. Upon sectioning the left globe in the vertical plane, a circle of pigmented strands of tissue was observed spanning the anterior chamber from the iris to the posterior aspect of the cornea. The right globe appeared normal when inspected grossly. Histologically, a membrane of pigmented tissue covered the posterior aspect of the broad central corneal leukoma of the left globe. This membrane and the cords traversing the anterior chamber were composed of vascular uveal tissue. Descemet’s membrane and the corneal endothelium were reduced or absent in the zone of corneal opacity. Other than the changes associated with cataract, the right globe was histologically normal. The clinical and histological findings in the left globe were identical with those described for Peters>> anomaly in human beings.

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