Five-year changes in middle ear function for older adults.

Cruickshanks Lab // Publications // Mar 01 2005

PubMed ID: 15844739

Author(s): Wiley TL, Nondahl DM, Cruickshanks KJ, Tweed TS. Five-year changes in middle ear function for older adults. J Am Acad Audiol. 2005 Mar;16(3):129-39. PMID 15844739

Journal: Journal Of The American Academy Of Audiology, Volume 16, Issue 3, Mar 2005

Longitudinal changes in tympanometric measures of middle ear function over five years were reported for a large population of older adults. Findings were similar for men and women, for right and left ears, and across age groups from 48 to 92 years. Although some of the mean changes reached statistical significance, the vast majority of observed changes were small in magnitude relative to the observed variability and the tolerances of the measuring instrument. Observed mean changes in Peak Ytm for older adults were quite small and were in the positive direction. This is counter to changes that would be predicted on the basis of increases in the stiffness of the middle ear transmission system with advancing age suggested in earlier reports. Overall, the findings suggest little in the way of functional change in middle ear mechanics over a span of five years in older adults.