Evolving endosomes: how many varieties and why?

Publications // Aug 01 2005

PubMed ID: 15975780

Author(s): Perret E, Lakkaraju A, Deborde S, Schreiner R, Rodriguez-Boulan E. Evolving endosomes: how many varieties and why? Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2005 Aug;17(4):423-34. Review. PMID 15975780

Journal: Current Opinion In Cell Biology, Volume 17, Issue 4, Aug 2005

The cell biologist’s insight into endosomal diversity, in terms of both form and function, has increased dramatically in the past few years. This understanding has been promoted by the availability of powerful new techniques that allow imaging of both cargo and machinery in the endocytic process in real time, and by our ability to inhibit components of this machinery by RNA interference. The emerging picture from these studies is of a highly complex, dynamic and adaptable endosomal system that interacts at various points with the secretory system of the cell.