Effect of H-7 and Lat-B on retinal physiology.

James Verhoeve // Kaufman Lab // Michael Nork // Publications // May 01 2006

PubMed ID: 16714236

Author(s): Kiland JA, Miller CL, Kim CB, Ver Hoeve JN, Gabelt BT, Peterson J, Nork TM, Kaufman PL. Effect of H-7 and Lat-B on retinal physiology. Curr Eye Res. 2006 May;31(5):441-55. PMID 16714236

Journal: Current Eye Research, Volume 31, Issue 5, May 2006

PURPOSE To investigate the effects of H-7 and Latrunculin B (Lat-B) on retinal vascular permeability and electrophysiology at concentrations that increase outflow facility in monkeys.

METHODS One eye of 1 rhesus and 22 cynomolgus monkeys received an intravitreal bolus injection of H-7 or Lat-B; the opposite eye received vehicle. Multifocal electroretinograms (mfERGs), and photopic and scotopic full-field electroretinograms (ffERGs, sERGs) were recorded in subsets of monkeys at baseline and at multiple time-points post-H-7 or Lat-B. Vitreous fluorophotometry (VF) and fluorescein angiography (FA) were also performed.

RESULTS No differences between the H-7 or Lat-B treated and control eyes were found in ffERGs, mfERGs, sERGs, or in FAs in any monkey. No significant difference was found in vitreous fluorescein levels between H-7 treated or Lat-B treated vs. control eyes.

CONCLUSIONS No effect on retinal vascular permeability or retinal electrophysiology was apparent after intravitreal administration of H-7 or Lat-B at doses that increase outflow facility and lower IOP when given intracamerally.