Association of oxidative stress with mortality: the Beaver Dam Eye Study.

Kleins Lab // Publications // Jan 01 2012

PubMed ID: 27042380

Author(s): Godreau A, Lee KE, Klein BE, Shankar A, Tsai MY, Klein R. Association of oxidative stress with mortality: the Beaver Dam Eye Study. Oxid Antioxid Med Sci. 2012;1(3):161-167. Epub 2012 Dec 25. PMID 27042380

Journal: Oxidants And Antioxidants In Medical Science, Volume 1, Issue 3, 2012

Epidemiological studies have shown that oxidative stress is associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes. However, the association of oxidative stress marker with non-CVD and CVD mortality has not been extensively evaluated. The association of baseline serum 8-isoprostane (8-ISO) with all-cause, non-CVD, and CVD mortality was examined in a random subset (n = 1,753) of a population-based study of 4,926 adults (99% non-Hispanic whites; 56% women) aged 43-86 years from the Beaver Dam Eye Study. Cause of death was ascertained by death certificate between 1987 and 2002. 8-ISO was measured by immunoassay. Cox proportional hazards regression analysis was used to estimate mortality hazard ratios (HRs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) by one 8-ISO standard deviation. During a median follow-up of 13.1 years, 590 (33.7%) participants died (290 CVD deaths). After adjusting for socio-demographics and CVD risk factors, 8-ISO was significantly associated with all-cause (HR = 1.1, 95% CI 1.01-1.2) and non-CVD (HR = 1.14, 95% CI 1.01-1.28) mortality but not with CVD mortality (HR = 1.06, 95% CI 0.93-1.2). When limited to participants with BMI < 25 kg/m2, individuals in the highest 8-ISO quartile had approximately 34 to 36% increased risk of all-cause, non-CVD, and CVD death compared to those at the lowest quartile. In contrast, 8-ISO was not significantly associated with mortality among those with BMI ≥ 25 kg/m2. These findings suggest that baseline serum 8-ISO, a marker of oxidative stress, is an independent risk factor of all-cause, non-CVD, and CVD mortality among a cohort of middle-aged adults with normal BMI.