Surgical management of strabismus following vitreo-retinal surgery.

Michael Struck // Publications // Jan 01 2012

PubMed ID: 23002475

Author(s): Struck MC. Surgical management of strabismus following vitreo-retinal surgery. Am Orthopt J. 2012;62:44-9. PMID 23002475

Journal: The American Orthoptic Journal, Volume 62, 2012

Motility disorders and strabismus after vitreo-retinal surgical intervention have multiple etiologic factors. The main focus here is strabismus following scleral buckling surgery. The preoperative evaluation of these patients must be inclusive for restrictions, redirected muscle forces, adherence syndromes, muscle weakness, and visual sensory disturbance. Restoration of binocular function is generally the goal of surgical intervention, but paramount to surgery is assessing the potential for binocular function. Surgical techniques for overcoming the barriers to fusion are discussed with clinical vignettes to illustrate the principal. Surgery, which is appropriately planned, based on theses principals can by highly successful in restoring visual functioning.