Eye Simulation Training

Resident Highlights // Sep 27 2015

Residents are fortunate to have easy access to both a well-supplied wetlab and an EyeSI cataract simulator at the VA. In addition to the availability of equipment/facilities, first-year residents are introduced to surgical techniques through a formal cataract curriculum administered by four ophthalmology faculty. This curriculum is designed to ramp up surgical exposure to better prepare for surgery as a second-year resident. The wetlab has an excellent operating microscope, a phaco machine, a steady supply of pig eyes for practice, Kitaro kits and an abundance of instruments, sutures and IOLs. During cataract training, residents receive one-on-one instruction with attendings, allowing residents to develop at their own rate. The EyeSI is also housed at the VA, and offers excellent supplemental training to prepare for cataract surgery. The cataract training curriculum for the EyeSI consists of teaching modules and defined milestones, and a faculty member meets with each resident regularly to evaluate his/her progress. By Han Kim, MD