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Doctor Day 2016 – Advocacy at the Capitol

Education News // Featured News // News // Feb 15 2016
Drs. Han Kim, Alexander Ringeisen, Roman Krivochenitser, and Angeline Wang at Doctor Day 2016 in the State Capitol.

Drs. Han Kim, Alexander Ringeisen, Roman Krivochenitser, and Angeline Wang at Doctor Day 2016 in the State Capitol.

The Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences sent resident representatives to participate in Doctor Day 2016 – Advocacy at the Capitol on February 10, 2016. The annual event, sponsored by the Wisconsin Medical Society, brings together Wisconsin physicians from a variety of specialties to meet with members of the Legislature to discuss budget and other important health care issues. As guests of the Wisconsin Academy of Ophthalmology, our residents had the valuable opportunity to interact with key legislators, attend an issue briefing, and hear speeches by several high-level speakers. This year’s attendees were Drs. Han Kim, Alexander Ringeisen, Roman Krivochenitser and Angeline Wang (pictured from left to right below).

Resident Feedback

Attending Doctor Day gave me a broader perspective on the importance of being involved in the policy issues that affect the practice of medicine. The morning was spent learning about the 3 key messages the organization wanted us to focus our advocacy on, and in the afternoon, we marched to the Capitol in our white coats and filled policymakers’ offices to directly advocate on those issues. It’s easy to never think beyond the small bubble of the residency program, and Doctor Day pushed me to open my mind to a bigger picture. I felt solidarity with the legion physicians who showed their support that day and appreciated the chance to actively advocate for our profession. – Dr. Han Kim, PGY-3

Doctor’s Day at the Capitol was an exciting and valuable experience. I learned about how to be an advocate for our profession and the importance that lobbying plays in our political system. It was really fun to be briefed on select issues and have a chance to convey my opinion to state legislators. Overall, this was a unique and positive experience. – Dr. Alex Ringeisen, PGY-3

As part of Doctor Day, we were introduced to three current bills that are being considered by the Wisconsin legislature, one regarding prescription narcotics, another on scope of practice for physical therapists, and the final one regarding mandatory reporting for physicians. We were given lectures by lobbyists, as well as other physicians, and were taught how to approach these topics with legislators in a way that would be most effective. Finally, we met with our legislators and/or their staff at the Capitol to discuss the bills. The experience provided a great deal of insight into how laws are made and why it is important to become involved and stay engaged. – Dr. Angeline Wang, PGY-3