Partnership with Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital Provides Global Experience to Residents

Dr. Gangaputra with Dr. Mathur and his team.
Dr. Gangaputra (third from right) shares in celebration with Dr. Mathur and his team.

Three senior residents and two faculty members traveled to India in February 2016 for a two-week elective international rotation with Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital in New Delhi. This is the second consecutive year for participation in this newly created global health opportunity and it continues to foster a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas regarding training procedures, surgical techniques, clinical knowledge and patient care. On behalf of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Drs. Michael Altaweel and Yao Liu presented Dr. Umang Mathur and his team with a plaque of appreciation in support of this ongoing relationship between institutions, and were accompanied remotely by Drs. Andrew Thliveris and Daniel Knoch. Drs. Thliveris and Knoch introduced the rotation with their inaugural visit with residents in 2015.

Our current third-year residents shared similar thoughts on the value of this experience:

It was interesting to note the differences in training between the medical system here and there, and also the dynamics within the medical community and between patients and doctors. Overall, this international experience was very valuable to my development as an eye surgeon, clinician and more importantly as an empathetic and culturally sensitive person. I am very grateful for this opportunity and consider it one of the highlights of my entire residency. – Dr. Sapna Gangaputra

This elective was multifaceted and focused on both surgical and clinical training, as well as charitable and cultural awareness. This elective was invaluable to my training and has reinforced my desire to incorporate international mission work into my future practice. – Dr. Brandon Metcalf

During this rotation, we focused on surgical training, expanding our understanding of clinical disease rarely encountered in the USA, and cultural aspects of patient care. Overall, this international experience in Delhi, India was highly valuable to my development as an eye surgeon, clinician, and provider of health care for patients of diverse cultural backgrounds. – Dr. Jeremy Lavine