Superheroes Wear Glasses Too!

Meet Antuan

Age: 6 years old

Grade: Kindergarten

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Superhero: Spiderman

Wearing Glasses Since: February 2017

Favorite Thing to See with Glasses: His mom, Rosie

Dr. Nayan Patel, UW Health Optometrist:

Like Antuan, many school-age children cannot see the board or reading material, but do not feel comfortable speaking up about their struggles. They often do not know that they could potentially have better sight if poor vision is all that they have ever experienced. It is very important for every child to get routine eye examinations to determine if they need glasses at an early age to help them see, learn and grow. Although wearing glasses may be tough to get accustomed to, Antuan has adjusted well, likes his new accessory and can see his books and future clearly now!

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