Alexander Miranda, MD, Appointed As Inaugural DOVS UW Health Physician Informaticist

Alexander Miranda, MD, assistant professor and pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus specialist, will serve as the department’s inaugural UW Health Physician Informaticist representative. He starts this position in September 2020.

In this role, Dr. Miranda will support and provide clinical leadership in the use, implementation and critical evaluation of health information technology at UW Health. He will model and promote the use of the HealthLink electronic health record and other health information technology used to support clinical care. He will also represent the provider community in decisions involving functionality and the usability of health information technology in order to ensure that the systems support the tripartite mission of clinical care, research, and education. Dr. Miranda joins representatives from all clinical departments.

I am so very excited to be taking on the role as the ophthalmology UW Health Physician Informaticist in the upcoming months. I’ve always been fascinated with the intersection between information technology and medicine, and the various ways that improved patient care delivery, provider ease of access, and research opportunities blossom from these crossroads.   -dr. alexander miranda


           Dr. Alexander Miranda