Clinical Trials // Inherited Retinal Degeneration // Kimberly Stepien // Ongoing // Sep 30 2020

Natural History of the Progression of Choroideremia Study (NIGHT)

  • Sponsor: NightstaRx Ltd
  • Principal Investigator: Kimberly Stepien, MD
  • Study Coordinator: Nickie Stangel

Study objective:

This study will help to gain a better understanding of the progression of choroideremia (CHM) and add to the knowledge base for this rare disease.

Study design:

This study will observe the rate of CHM progression up to a 20-month period based on changes in best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) over time. And the rate of CHM progression based on changes in other functional outcome measures and anatomical outcome measures over time.

Diagnosis and Key Eligibility Criteria:

Males ≥18 years of age with clinical phenotype and confirmed genetic diagnosis of CHM, active disease clinically visible within the macular region, and Snellen score better than 20/200. Participation in interventional research within the past 6 months of enrollment is not allowed.

Duration of study: Approximately 2.5 years

For more information, contact Nickie Stangel 608-263-8783