Meet Alicia Wolf, Social Worker with UW Health Patient Resources

Patient Services in Action: Alicia Wolf




As the social worker for ophthalmology services, Alicia Wolf has been assisting our providers in connecting their patients to resources to cope with low vision, as well as access occupational therapies, mental health, housing, work and rehabilitation resources. 

Social work services are available to both patients and providers to help coordinate care and assist patients in connecting to community resources to address any psychosocial need. If the need can be identified as a social service need, it can be addressed by UW Health Patient Resources. 

Needs that UW Health Patient Resources can address include: 

  • Homelessness and housing issues
  • Food insecurity
  • Securing assistive devices
  • Lack of insurance or medication related costs
  • Securing in home resources for those who may have difficulty functioning in their home safely due to vision
  • Consult for issues relating to abuse, neglect, or domestic violence


Since the onset of COVID-19, social work has seen a huge increase in need for assistance with mental health, alcohol and drug related issues, homelessness and financial hardship due to social isolation and economic impact of COVID-19. UW Health Patient Resources is here to  ensure that patients have the resources to stay safe and healthy during this time. 

For immediate consultation please call the main line. If social work cannot assist with your referral, you will be directed to someone who can help. 

Main Line (M-F 9am-5pm) : 608-826-4144

Alicia Wolf’s Main Line: 608-826-9238