Lighthouse Guild Offers Tele-health Support Groups

Lighthouse Guild, a major provider of mental health and healthcare service to people with low vision and blindness, now offers tele-health support groups.

During the first week of the COVID-19 pandemic, when it became clear that the health crisis could extend into the future, the staff at Lighthouse Guild began to reach out to patients over the phone to offer reassurance and counseling. By incorporating virtual meeting programs and other technologies, Lighthouse Guild providers can now conduct telemental health services from their homes, with full, secure access to their patient’s records, promoting safety for staff as well as patients.

Lighthouse Guild offers the following tele-health support groups*:

  • Tele-Support for Parents
  • Tele-Support for Adults
  • Tele-Support for Young Adults
  • Tele-Support for Teens
  • Tele-Support Presentations
  • Virtual Book Club for Individuals with Vision Loss

If you or someone you know is blind or visually impaired you can access tele-health services and other Lighthouse Guild services by calling 1-800-284-4422, or visit their website at

*As of February 10, 2o21, several of the support groups are full with a waiting list. To join the waiting list, contact Margaret Walters at