Why I Give to DOVS: Ellen Geishirt

Ellen Geishirt became a patient of UW Health eye specialists after a serious eye infection complicated her recovery from a third corneal transplant in 2015. In late 2020, after an initial donation to the department, Geishirt generously included a gift to DOVS in her estate plans. We reached out to Geishirt to learn more about why she chose to support vision research at UW.

Describe your connection to UW-Madison and DOVS.

Within a couple of days of my third corneal transplant, I developed an extremely serious eye infection. And this occurred over the weekend. Because the eye specialists shared weekend call system, I was referred to the UW Ophthalmology Department. That was my first time meeting Dr. Michael Nork, [professor and retina specialist], who continued treating me over the weekend. Several months after I recovered from the infection, I wrote him a thank you note. This led to my being connected with Gillian Fink, senior director of development for the UW Foundation’s Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. Gillian eventually introduced me to Robert Nickells, PhD, glaucoma researcher. This meeting was really the beginning of my interest and connection to the UW.

What inspired you to establish this fund?

The day I met Dr. Nickells, he gave me a tour of his lab, and, along with his graduate student, he explained some of what they were currently doing in their research lab. I was very impressed by the amount and type of research being done at the UW. I am a retired RN and firmly believe in the science of research. I know how important it is for everyone on this planet. I have chosen to make contributions to the UW Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences for their research, both now and later with an estate gift. Since I continue to have ongoing issues with my eye, I consider this very important and appropriate.

How would you describe the impact the UW-Madison DOVS has had on your life?

I am very impressed with the research being done at UW. I so appreciate that I’ve gotten periodic research updates from Dr. Nickells and Gillian Fink. It helps me know that my contributions are making a meaningful difference.

Ballroom dancing is one hobby that Ellen Geishirt continues to enjoy. She is pictured here while practicing with her dance instructors in 2015.




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