Drs. Melanie Schmitt and Kimberly Stepien Awarded John W. and Helen Doolittle Professorship

Melanie Schmitt, MD, pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus specialist, and Kimberly Stepien, MD, retina specialist and co-vice chair of clinical affairs, have been jointly awarded the John W. and Helen Doolittle Professorship. Drs. Schmitt and Stepien will share this professorship to recognize and support their directorship work in establishing and growing the Pediatric and Adult Inherited Retinal Degenerations Clinics, respectively. Their exhibited leadership in these roles has been exemplary.

DOVS now has an established and sizeable database of inherited retinal degeneration patients, standardized care protocols which include genetic counseling, solid liaisons with multiple subspecialties for comprehensive and complex patient care, the initiation of multiple clinical trials, the establishment of multi-disciplinary care with genetically isolated communities in Wisconsin, enhanced protocols and teaching exercises with the Electrophysiology Unit, multiple peer-reviewed publications and national presentations, heightened DOVS recognition as a destination for specialized clinical care and more.

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Congratulations to Drs. Schmitt and Stepien!