Inaugural Randie Schlamp Memorial Fund Awarded to Colleen McDowell, PhD

News // Sep 01 2021

The inaugural Randie Schlamp Memorial Fund for Pilot Studies in Vision Science Award has been award to Colleen McDowell, PhD, for her project entitled The Role of Endocytosis in DAMP-activated TLR4 signaling.

The award supports pilot research which is intended to generate data for a larger grant proposal/application that could lead to an extramural grant for the project. Both basic and clinical research projects are eligible with preference given to basic-science projects.  Allowable expenses include equipment, salary, supplies, or travel. Prior recipients of the award must wait 24 months before applying again.

Robert Nickells, PhD, Frederick A. Davis Chair of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Professor, established the award to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Cassandra (Randie) Schlamp, a long-time UW DOVS glaucoma researcher.