Traumatic rupture of healed cataract wounds.

Daniel Albert // Publications // Jun 01 1976

PubMed ID: 937423

Author(s): Kass MA, Lahav M, Albert DM. Traumatic rupture of healed cataract wounds. Am J Ophthalmol. 1976 Jun;81(6):722-4. PMID 937423

Journal: American Journal Of Ophthalmology, Volume 81, Issue 6, Jun 1976

Three patients suffered blunt trauma that caused rupture of the site of cataract incision three to 12 years after surgery. Epithelial cells were noted in the old cataract would of a 79-year-old white man. The second patient, a 25-year-old black women, had bilateral ocular toxoplasmosis and loss of vitreous humor at the time of lens extraction. The third patient, a 63-year-old white woman, had open-angle glaucoma treated previously with filtering procedures and cyclocryotherapy. The ultimate outcome was poor in each case.