The nomenclature of periodontal epulides in dogs.

Publications // Richard Dubielzig // Mar 01 1979

PubMed ID: 442450

Author(s): Dubielzig RR, Goldschmidt MH, Brodey RS. The nomenclature of periodontal epulides in dogs. Vet Pathol. 1979 Mar;16(2):209-14.

Journal: Veterinary Pathology, Volume 16, Issue 2, Mar 1979

Epulides of periodontal origin are seen frequently in dogs. The classification of these tumors in the literature varies greatly and leads to much confusion when trying to compare reports from different sources. Our article reviews the literature regarding these tumors and suggests a standardized nomenclature. Three types of epulis are described. These are fibromatous epulis, ossifying epulis, and acanthomatous epulis, all of which are of periodontal origin. The three are grouped together because all have a stroma closely resembling normal periodontal ligament. The acanthomatous epulis has the potential to infiltrate locally into bone, whereas the other forms are not invasive.