Historic review of retinoblastoma.

Daniel Albert // Publications // Jun 01 1987

PubMed ID: 3306547

Author(s): Albert DM. Historic review of retinoblastoma. Ophthalmology. 1987 Jun;94(6):654-62. Review. PMID 3306547

Journal: Ophthalmology, Volume 94, Issue 6, Jun 1987

Retinoblastoma was first described as a specific entity by James Wardrop in 1809, with enucleation as his suggested treatment. Histologic studies including those of Flexner and Verhoeff and subsequent electron microscopy have given insights into its pathogenesis. The establishment of cell lines of retinoblastoma, the “nude” mouse model, and other animal models have contributed additional information. Classic genetic and epidemiologic studies have led to a broad and intense interest in the tumor despite its relative infrequency. Attempts now in progress to identify and characterize the oncogene for retinoblastoma may prove to be the most exciting part of the history of retinoblastoma.