Pseudallescheria boydii keratomycosis in a horse.

PubMed ID: 2777709

Author(s): Friedman DS, Schoster JV, Pickett JP, Dubielzig RR, Czuprynski C, Knoll JS, Wolfgram LJ. Pseudallescheria boydii keratomycosis in a horse. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 1989 Sep 1;195(5):616-8. PMID 2777709

Journal: Journal Of The American Veterinary Medical Association, Volume 195, Issue 5, Sep 1989

The fungal organism Pseudallescheria boydii was isolated from the cornea of a Quarter Horse with ulcerative keratitis. Despite aggressive hourly medication through a subpalpebral lavage system, with drugs including miconazole and natamycin, the cornea developed a stromal abscess. Orbital exenteration was performed after 3 weeks. The fungal isolate was later determined to be resistant to all 8 antifungal drugs tested. Microscopic examination of the cornea revealed fungal hyphae throughout the corneal stroma and penetrating the Descemet membrane. Pseudallescheria boydii has not been implicated previously as a cause of keratomycosis in horses or in other domestic animals, although cases in human beings have been described.