Evaluation of the Keeler Pulsair non-contact tonometer.

PubMed ID: 2589057

Author(s): Sponsel WE, Kaufman PL, Strinden TI, DePaul KL, Bowes HN, Olander KW, Barnebey HS. Evaluation of the Keeler Pulsair non-contact tonometer. Acta Ophthalmol (Copenh). 1989 Oct;67(5):567-72. PMID 2589057

Journal: Acta Ophthalmologica, Volume 67, Issue 5, Oct 1989

The recently-introduced Pulsair non-contact tonometer (Keeler Instruments, Inc, Broomall, PA) was evaluated against the Goldmann applanation tonometer in cannulated post mortem human eyes, and in living subjects at three clinical centers. Statistical analysis of the findings revealed strong linear relationships between Goldmann or manometric and Pulsair intraocular pressure readings, with correlation coefficients ranging from 0.79 to 0.97. However, with the Pulsair reading as the dependent variable, the slope of the relationship in each case was significantly less than 1.0 (range 0.65 to 0.83), while the intercept was positive (range 1.31 to 2.33 mmHg). Thus, the Pulsair tended to read low at intraocular pressure above the normal range. Conversion factors and a calibration table allowing intraocular pressure estimates more comparable to Goldmann tonometry using the current (J-series) Pulsair are provided herein. A calibration algorithm could be integrated into the circuitry of future production models of the Pulsair instrument.