Two-dimensional approach to psychophysical orientation tuning.

James Verhoeve // Publications // Jan 01 1990

PubMed ID: 2299445

Author(s): Dannemiller JL, Ver Hoeve JN. Two-dimensional approach to psychophysical orientation tuning. J Opt Soc Am A. 1990 Jan;7(1):141-51. PMID 2299445

Journal: Journal Of The Optical Society Of America. A, Optics And Image Science, Volume 7, Issue 1, Jan 1990

Orientation bandwidths of psychophysical channels in the human visual system were inferred from contrast thresholds for a special class of polar-separable, two-dimensional patterns. Detection thresholds for these patterns conformed to a model with linear filtering by orientation-selective channels followed by probability summation across these channels. The number of channels (6-8 pairs) and their half-bandwidths at half-sensitivity (approximately 17 degrees) did not differ at 4 and 10 cycles/degree. The results extend the many one-dimensional, linear system models of vision to two dimensions.