The Wisconsin age-related maculopathy grading system.

Kleins Lab // Matthew Davis // Publications // Jul 01 1991

PubMed ID: 1843453

Author(s): Klein R, Davis MD, Magli YL, Segal P, Klein BE, Hubbard L. The Wisconsin age-related maculopathy grading system. Ophthalmology. 1991 Jul;98(7):1128-34. PMID 1843453

Journal: Ophthalmology, Volume 98, Issue 7, Jul 1991

A new system for grading age-related maculopathy is described and measures of reliability are reported. A number of characteristics of age-related maculopathy are graded in a semiquantitative fashion from stereoscopic 30 degrees color fundus photographs, using a grid to define subfields, standard circles printed on plastic to assess size and area, and a specially designed lightbox to allow better discrimination of subtle drusen. The degree of exact agreement achieved between two trained graders across a variety of lesions ranged from 67.1% for drusen size to 99.6% for geographic atrophy. Kappa scores ranged from 0.55 (for drusen confluence) to 0.95 for geographic atrophy. This system will be useful in epidemiologic studies and clinical trials.