Rapid small-scale isolation of herpes simplex virus DNA.

Brandt Lab // Publications // Jul 01 1994

PubMed ID: 7989436

Author(s): Kintner RL, Brandt CR. Rapid small-scale isolation of Herpes simplex virus DNA. J Virol Methods. 1994 Jul;48(2-3):189-96. PMID 7989436

Journal: Journal Of Virological Methods, Volume 48, Issue 2 3, Jul 1994

A method has been developed for the rapid isolation of herpes simplex virus DNA analogous to miniprep methods for bacterial plasmid isolation. Infected Vero cells are lysed with three freeze-thaw cycles, and the nuclei are removed by centrifugation. DNA is released from the virions in the supernatant by proteinase K digestion. Then the DNA is extracted with phenol/chloroform and precipitated with ethanol. This method requires only small amounts of infected cells as a source of viral DNA, does not use radioactivity, and routinely produces DNA of sufficient purity to be used for restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis on ethidium-stained gels.