Phototoxicity from systemic sodium fluorescein.

Publications // Ronald Danis // Jan 01 2000

PubMed ID: 10950414

Author(s): Danis RP, Wolverton S, Steffens T. Phototoxicity from systemic sodium fluorescein. Retina. 2000;20(4):370-3. PMID 10950414

Journal: Retina (Philadelphia, Pa.), Volume 20, Issue 4, 2000

PURPOSE To confirm the occurrence of phototoxicity due to systemic fluorescein in a dose consistent with retinal angiographic testing and to approximate the prevalence of this reaction in a small group of volunteers.

METHODS Fourteen volunteers underwent a controlled challenge test by applying a topical sunscreen and exposing skin areas to direct sunlight before and after fluorescein administration.

RESULTS Two subjects experienced marked cutaneous blanching erythema, mild vesiculation, and pain in sun-exposed areas within 1 hour of exposure. The reaction faded over a period of days without tanning.

CONCLUSIONS Consistent with its in vitro properties as a photodynamic dye, fluorescein may rarely act as a phototoxic agent in humans at doses employed for fluorescein retinal angiography. It is unclear why this reaction has not been reported more frequently, given the large number of patients undergoing this ophthalmic procedure annually.