Ocular Trauma Originating from within the Oral Cavity: Clinical Relevance and Histologic Findings in 10 Cases (2003-2013).

Publications // Richard Dubielzig // Dec 01 2014

PubMed ID: 30870962

Author(s): Duke FD, Snyder CJ, Bentley E, Dubielzig RR. Ocular trauma originating from within the oral cavity: clinical relevance and histologic findings in 10 cases (2003-2013). J Vet Dent. 2014 Dec;31(4):245-248. doi: 10.1177/089875641403100404. PMID 30870962

Journal: Journal Of Veterinary Dentistry, Volume 31, Issue 4, Dec 2014

A variety of procedures involving the caudal oral cavity risk iatrogenic introduction of an instrument into the globe. The clinical and histologic features of 10 cases of ocular disease after dental procedures are reviewed. Eight dogs and 2 cats presented with clinical panophthalmitis 3-days to 6-weeks following dental procedures for which each animal underwent palliative and diagnostic enucleation. Histologic findings were consistent with contaminated, traumatic perforation and panophthalmitis. Traumatic panophthalmitis and its sequelae are painful conditions with poor prognoses. Suspected or confirmed cases of ocular injury at the time of dental procedures warrant immediate evaluation and aggressive intervention. This series emphasizes how profound damage can occur to the eye when instruments are not carefully and safely handled in the oral cavity.