Status of NCRP Scientific Committee 1-23 Commentary on Guidance on Radiation Dose Limits for the Lens of the Eye.

Kleins Lab // Publications // Feb 01 2016

PubMed ID: 26717175

Author(s): Dauer LT, Ainsbury EA, Dynlacht J, Hoel D, Klein BE, Mayer D, Prescott CR, Thornton RH, Vano E, Woloschak GE, Flannery CM, Goldstein LE, Hamada N, Tran PK, Grissom MP, Blakely EA. Status of NCRP scientific committee 1-23 commentary on guidance on radiation dose limits for the lens of the eye. Health Phys. 2016 Feb;110(2):182-4. doi: 10.1097/HP.0000000000000412. PMID 26717175

Journal: Health Physics, Volume 110, Issue 2, Feb 2016

Previous National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) publications have addressed the issues of risk and dose limitation in radiation protection and included guidance on specific organs and the lens of the eye. NCRP decided to prepare an updated commentary intended to enhance the previous recommendations provided in earlier reports. The NCRP Scientific Committee 1-23 (SC 1-23) is charged with preparing a commentary that will evaluate recent studies on the radiation dose response for the development of cataracts and also consider the type and severity of the cataracts as well as the dose rate; provide guidance on whether existing dose limits to the lens of the eye should be changed in the United States; and suggest research needs regarding radiation effects on and dose limits to the lens of the eye. A status of the ongoing work of SC 1-23 was presented at the Annual Meeting, “Changing Regulations and Radiation Guidance: What Does the Future Hold?” The following represents a synopsis of a few main points in the current draft commentary. It is likely that several changes will be forthcoming as SC 1-23 responds to subject matter expert review and develops a final document, expected by mid 2016.